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April 19, 2011

Typography Designer-Craig Ward

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Craig Ward is a London based Graphic Designer who loves to play around with Words. He works predominantly in the editorial and publishing fields. Craig perceives himself as a typographic illustrator. In my opinion his works bring headlines to life and explore his perception of words as image. It really has an extraordinary typographic sense to it. From his works it is evident that he exhibits his passion and enthusiasm to push type to its limit. His works are very unique compared to any other types I have seen. I was very intrigued when I came across his works. Craig Ward states, “[I’m] fascinated by the notion of word as image and continually exploring new techniques and methods with which to convey more meaning in headlines and texts.”

The ‘You Blow Me Away’ typography design is conveying the meaning of the text. The white text is designed with shattering glass as the black background. This is really effective in perceiving the text as image. The black and white contrast each other while the bold type stands out from the shattering glass as well as the background. The angle of the font in this work has a striking effect on the layout. The arrangement and executions of typography in this work is unique to the viewer. His intention is to provoke a reaction from the viewer with no sound. Traditionally typography can stand alone or used to enhance an image but in this case I think in some ways it is being destroyed. These two work are actually part of a series. The phrase “You Blow Me Away” is captured on a plain black background while it is legible, but as the series continues the phrase is being broken apart. Ultimately ending up shattered into a million pieces, ‘blowing away’ the viewer as the text implies. In my opinion the works of this typography designer are conveyed in unique and “avant- garde” ways rather than traditional forms of type. Perhaps the future of typography is becoming perceiving text as image rather than text perceiving image.


http://www.flylyf.com/typography-craig-ward/ This link provides images of some of Craig Ward’s works

http://www.computerarts.co.uk/in_depth/interviews/craig_ward This link provides information about Craig ward as well as an interview of him in which he discusses some his works and experiences as a typographic designer.

http://bedesignful.com/design-news/featured-artist-spotlight-creative-typography-of-craig-ward/ This link provides more images on his works that exemplify his uniqueness and desire to express the image of word form in apparent and “avant-garde” ways.

http://jasontozer.com/archives/you-blow-me-away shattering glass series

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