Second Life?!?

October 22nd, 2009

The other day, we were watching a rather interesting documentary of a virtual world known as Second Life. My first impression?

“It’s meant for people whose real lives are so shiteous they’ve resorted to creating a virtual life.” *rolls eyes*

And then, last Friday i attended a CPA seminar for budding accountants (i’m doing a double major). And to my great surprise, one of the speakers mentions that they have a CPA island in Second Life and all CPA students were encouraged to join and participate.

Woah. Serious accountants are joining Second Life? Hmm, perhaps i was too quick to judge.

In fact, come to think bout it, it actually makes a lot of sense for them to use Second Life as a meeting platform. I mean, everyone can join, it’s cost effective, it’s a great way to meet other CPA members from all over the world, you can attend conferences right from your own homes, and you can seek assistance from other CPA members at any time.

That’s a lot of benefits. So many of them in fact, that i’m beginning to wonder why other companies haven’t followed suit.

Oh, wait. They have!

IBM has a pretty awesome business centre where they hold their corporate meetings. So does Intel. And Armani!

Hmm, maybe i should join : D

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