Murdoch Blogs provides blogs for staff and students. We are using the Open Source blogging platform WordPressMu .

How do I get a new blog?

1. Decide whether your blog should be part of Murdoch Blogs.

2. Think about the decisions to make before you get a new blog .

3. Decide the web address for the blog.

This will be in the form http://blogs.murdoch.edu.au/yourblogname . Choose carefully because this cannot be changed and it cannot be re-used, even after you delete your blog.

4. Decide the name of your blog and the tagline (eg. Murdoch University Blogs: blogs for Murdoch University staff and students)

Click on the “get a new blog” button on the right sidebar.

You will log in using your Murdoch user name and password . You will automatically be asked to accept our legalĀ Terms and Conditions when you do so.

Follow the other steps Steps to set up your blog . There are some essential settings that you will need to make.

This siteĀ  has information about:

How do I find out more about the project?

For help with a blog or blogging, email bloghelp@murdoch.edu.au

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